Drops log


Was given the idea to track the drops of creatures so we have a droprate

    Beaver Tokens
  • Count: 1
  • Total Beavers killed: 112
    • Skeleton Tokens
  • Count: 1
  • Total Skeletons + Armed skeletons killed: 25
    • Ogre Tokens
  • Count: 1
  • Total Ogres killed: 56
    • Brownie Tokens
  • Count: 1
  • Total Brownies killed: 17
  • To-do list


    Taking a look at an old post and refining.

    • Add meta data to the headers.
    • Remove Art section.
    • Remove Best Places section.
    • Add page titles.
    • Make site responsive.
      HTML5: Canvas
    • Create a dynamic environment that pulls spawn information from the database and draws user-selected data onto maps.
    • database queries map list into array.
    • User selects continent > map.
    • database queried for creatures on the selected map.
    • Base map generated, with checkboxes of each creature type on map.
    • User selects which creature(s) they want displayed.
    • canvas takes info from database query and draws creature spawn locations on top of map.
    • Use recursion to calculate recipes of recipes.
    • Ensure security.
    • Create a way for community members to add data to the project.
    • Finish continent 2 map in GIMP and add C2 items for sale in shops.
    • Create a mousepad image large enough to fit a 48x24" pad using logo, C2 map.

    Merging data to database


    Merged data from wiki and manual files to database

    Log, icons


    Added favicon, icon to log posts

    Store Openings


    Opened two stores on Zazzle and DESIGNEDBYHUMANS. Added merchandise from previous graphics projects to stores.

    Redid About page.

    Reopening Project


    Reopened website project. Began a new workflow using Lucid Flow. Currently hatwood.net is on version 0.1.5. Working on changing legibility of spawn markers and labels, merging information (graphical, database, and wiki), site cleanup. Version 1.0 will have a completed set of spawn maps, updated database, art section with Eternal Lands related art I've done, an updated about section, and a more concise log of progress.

    Beginning Bootstrap


    I have been looking around for tools to help with making websites mobile friendly/responsive. After chatting about it in LNX, J0wn convinced me to use Bootstrap. I've seen the name thrown around a lot on developer forums and have looked into it before but not seriously. I began by reading the documentation.

    Codecademy has several website projects that ease you into Bootstrap, and I've done several classes now through Codecademy, so that's where I'm starting. w3Schools also has a tutorial. I haven't decided yet how I want to approach incorporating Bootstrap to the page... Do I want to try to add it to my existing site, or should I rip the site apart again and begin fresh? Considering I designed the page from a desktop starting point, this approach seems to clash with the mobile-first design of Bootstrap.

    While I work through these projects, I'll think about it. I don't really mind ripping the site apart again. Practice makes better!

    Database-driven blog


    Today I built a very simple database-driven blog and imported my old posts from my static blog (not that there was much there).

    I'm hoping to finish a simple interface for adding new posts tonight, and do some re-arranging of the blog tomorrow. I'd like the date to be more human-friendly and to the left of the post in a separate column. I would also like to have a thumbnail associated with posts below the title with the content wrapping on the right, and I would like a navigation list on the right with posts by date and posts by tag. Of course, this also requires me to add tags to a table in my database... Never ending to-do list is never ending.

    To-do list


    • Blog: Add a local page to add a new blog post.
    • General: Add page titles. Can't believe I haven't done this yet.
    • General: add meta data to the headers.
    • Blog: Turn blog page into a 3 column display, with the date in the left column, the title and content in the middle, and blog navigation on the right
    • Blog: Add a thumbnail to each post underneath the title on the left side of the center column. The content text should wrap around this.
    • Blog: Add archived posts by month in the navigation column.
    • Blog: Add a categories or tags table to blogs database, then add tags to the nav column.
    • Blog: Going to need some sort of limit to the posts per page... and some way to limit the number of posts pulled from the db at a time. Maybe 5 blog entries per page? I think I could do this with a $page variable that could be passed through the url, with pages listed at the bottom.
    • Calculator: Finish adding recipes to the calculator page.
    • Calculator: Make calculator query look at ids (and then translate to names) so special characters (like those found in the Arrow/bolt head item) don't fail the injection test.
    • Calculator: Fiddle with recursive junk to calculate the base ingredients needed for any quantity of an item.
    • Calculator: Fiddle with recursive junk to figure out the 'step level' and GROUP BY step level to list the ingredients by step.
    • Art: Add some sort of portfolio for the Art page. Fanart goes here. Do I want to put my photography here? Not sure yet.
    • Best Places: Add a best places table to the db... itemID as key? Going to be problematic though if I want to add best places for certain critters that don't have a critter-specific drop (like a fur).
    • Calculator: Hook best places into what the calculator spits out, somehow.
    • Spawns: I need all. the. spawns. Seriously. All ur spawns are belong to me.
    • Users: Add new database. Users, passwords, profile (?), projects tables here.
    • Users: Allow users to save EL 'project' info to their profiles so they can revisit them.
    • Maps: Draw new maps for the maps section. People seem to like those.
    • Maps: Draw a set of creature images to add to the maps to mark spawns on the hand drawn maps.
    • Responsive: make the site look good on all different sizes. Looks bad right now.
    • LNX bots: build a dynamic pricing system using prices available for items that automatically updates current market prices on TrinityBot.

    Basic static blog


    Tonight I changed the landing page to be more mobile-friendly, but it still has work that needs to be done. I also built a very basic blog, in which I'm now writing. Originally, I wrote my own CSS to have a fullscreen background that would adjust to the screen size. It looked great! Then I tried it in iOS...

    I need to add more elements to the blog, like a date and title elements for each post. I also need to add the background to its own div so I can have curved corners on the bottom to echo the top. It's too late tonight (1am), so I'm going to forget about it for now. Tomorrow is another day!

    Very happy with my progress for today.

    Hello, World!



    I bought my domain today to start my own website. Yay!

    A while ago, I noticed a lack of information regarding Haidir spawn locations, so I thought I would share my spawn locations. Then I wanted to learn HTML5/CSS3, so I began a website on a free domain, which was really spammy. It wasn't long until I decided to buy my own domain and hosting so I wouldn't have to worry about popups. I am excited to see where my project takes me.